Take the hassle out of purchasing reliable and comprehensive boat and watercraft insurance by hiring a Farmers insurance agent in Mansfield, Texas to do all of the grunt work for you. At Farmers Insurance – Crystal Schuder Agency, Crystal Schuder offers expertise in a wide array of Texas boat insurance requirements and uses her knowledge to find the right amount of coverage you need without your budgetary limits.


Summer is the perfect season for Texans to enjoy their time on many of this great state’s numerous bodies of water. Whether you enjoy going for a relaxing boat ride, indulging in various water sports, or going fishing, there are tons of fun water activities to partake in this time of year. While it’s not necessarily illegal to go boating without insurance in Texas, it’s certainly recommended that you have at least a basic level of protection against any unexpected mishaps or incidents. Nobody likes to think about the potential dangers of going out on the water, but not only is it important to anticipate and be aware of what could possibly go wrong, it’s also important to be prepared for it. Proper boat insurance in Texas can help give you the peace of mind you need to truly relish your time on the water with family and friends without having to worry about the consequences of not being insured.


There are many different types of boat insurance coverage that serious boating aficionados in Texas should consider, especially because the weather can be very unpredictable at times. For that reason alone, it’s advisable to consider all of your options carefully and make sure you’re investing in a flexible insurance policy that covers all of your requirements and can be amended at any time. As a reputable personal Farmers insurance agent who operates in Mansfield, Burleson, Fort Worth, and Arlington, Texas, Crystal Schuder recommends taking advantage of the following options for your boat, watercraft, and boating accessories:

  • Personal liability
  • Medical payments in case of injury to yourself or others
  • Coverage of navigational areas
  • Extent of value coverage
  • Coverage of physical damage incurred by your or someone else’s watercraft
  • Uninsured or underinsured watercraft bodily harm
  • Fuel spill liability and removal of wreckage
  • Emergency assistance
  • Damaged or lost personal items
  • Coverage for unattached nautical equipment

WHY CHOOSE Farmers Insurance – Crystal Schuder Agency To Protect Your Boat Or Watercraft In Texas?

Understandably, the absolute last thing you want to think about while boating is all the things that could possibly go wrong. With that said, however, it’s still pertinent that you take into consideration the exact level of financial and physical protection you might need at your disposal in light of unexpected circumstances. As a local Farmers insurance agent, Crystal can advise you on the right type of coverage you should invest in based on your specific needs and budget.


Are you looking for a reputable, reliable, hardworking, and efficient Farmers insurance agent in Mansfield, Arlington, Burleson, Fort Worth, Texas? Crystal Schuder can help you obtain the boat and watercraft coverage you deserve. Contact her today for more information and to put an end to your search for “farmers insurance agents near me”!