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How Modifying Your Car Can Affect Auto Insurance

In Texas, there are many factors that could influence your car insurance premiums, from your age and gender to your credit score and type of vehicle. But what about the modifications to your car? While it is tempting to make customizations to your vehicle, some of these modifications can end up costing you in the long run. Here’s what you

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6 Factors That Determine Your Auto Insurance Premium in Arlington, Texas

Auto insurance coverage premiums are calculated based on a number of factors including certain lifestyle choices you make like where you live and the type of car you drive. You also have the option of purchasing cheaper coverage that fits within your budget. While some of these determining factors are within the realm of your control, other factors affecting auto

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Auto Insurance Coverage: What Is and Isn’t Included?

Every state has unique auto insurance coverage legislation that determines the type and limits of policies that are mandated. The state of Texas mandates that all motorists must have a minimum liability insurance to protect you, your passengers, and any third party person you permit to drive your vehicle. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and you just never know when an

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6 Common Myths about Auto Insurance

Even the most experienced drivers in Texas are sometimes perplexed by how auto insurance actually works. Considering insurance policies and the laws governing them differ from one state to another, it makes sense that people moving here or visiting from other parts of the country might be a little confused. For that reason, we’ve decided to make things a little

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How the Right Car Insurance Can Help Protect You

Generally speaking, people don’t like to think about the possibility of getting into a car accident every time they put the keys in the ignition. As unpleasant as this notion is, the chances of getting into a car accident are always present every time you get into your vehicle. For that reason, you need to be prepared and always expect

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