Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Farmers Insurance – Crystal Schuder Agency offers a wide range of affordable and comprehensive commercial auto insurance in Texas to businesses that need it. Whether you’re delivering material goods or providing an essential service to your customers, you can rest assured that your business operations will be thoroughly protected in unexpected circumstances. Commercial vehicles of all sizes and capacities including cars, pickup trucks, vans, straight trucks, and many more can all be safeguarded by your local trusted farmers auto insurance agent, Crystal Schuder in Mansfield, Texas.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage in Texas

If your business heavily depends on efficient vehicular transportation for one reason or another, then there’s no doubt that you need detailed commercial auto insurance coverage to protect you against any potential casualties. Even if you hire drivers with a squeaky clean driving record, there’s still no telling what could go wrong. After all, accidents happen and regardless of who’s at fault, you need to make sure all of your bases are covered. That means being prepared and expecting the unexpected. A reliable and experienced commercial vehicle insurance agent like Crystal Schuder can help you obtain the right insurance policy that meets the standards of your business and fits within your budget.

Our Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Texas has an extremely large land mass and population, which means sometimes you or your drivers will have to travel long distances to complete your work-related tasks or make deliveries. Traveling out-of-state for work only increases the risk of accidents. That’s why you need a comprehensive and inexpensive commercial auto insurance package that pertains specifically to your business without all of the frills that other insurance companies will try to sell you. Here’s what we offer:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Medical payments (in the event of a serious injury)
  • Personal injury protection (for yourself and your drivers)
  • Full coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Gap coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

Our top priority is to create a customized insurance plan that covers everything you need for your business without breaking the bank. Simply provide the following important details about your business and we can help you determine the type of coverage you need:

  • Number of commercial vehicles
  • Mileage on each vehicle
  • Number of commercial vehicle drivers
  • The type of services you use your vehicle for
  • Distance you and your drivers typically travel for work
  • Types of commercial vehicles you own

Whatever type of auto insurance you need, we’ve got you covered. Farmers Insurance – Crystal Schuder Agency is your one-stop shop for all of your vehicle coverage needs!

You can officially stop searching for “commercial auto insurance agents in Mansfield, Texas”. Crystal Schuder has been a proud Texas resident for over 40 years and she knows all of the ins and outs of the insurance industry. Trust her to help you find affordable and feasible commercial auto insurance for your company. Learn more about how she can help you by contacting Farmers Insurance – Crystal Schuder Agency today!